How to Improve the Filter Life on your Wire EDM Machine made Easy!

Why do coolant tanks on wire edm machines require regular preventative maintenance? 

When you fail to provide that maintenance, you will start to see slime on the coolant tank walls, plus possibly an algae and bacteria problem. 

When that occurs, what problems does that cause?

The things you don't want (slime, algae, bacteria) then start to attack the filters in your machine.  When that happens (and it might take a year or so of non-maintenance) you will see a graduate reduction in the filter life hours.   

How can you easily overcome that slime problem?

We offer an Ozone Generator specifically designed and built for use on wire edm machines.  It comes complete with a stand, and is operated on 110V electrics.  A special plastic T-compoent is provided to allow you to hook up two machines to the generator. Click on the link for more details.

The ozone generator once attached, then attacks your problems, slime, bacteria, etc.  After a week or two, you should start seeing sludge floating on the top of your coolant tanks, which can be removed.

The benefit of the ozone generator is you should see a 25% to 40% increase in filter life, (because again) the generator is cleaning up and eliminating the slime from your coolant tanks!  For more information, contact us!