3R-US656.5-4 4mm Helix Tap Holder

3R-US656.5-4  4mm Helix Tap Holder
SKU: 3R-US656.5-4

3R-US656.5-4  4mm Tap Holder; this is System 3R's Helix Tap Holder for orbital electrodes. This product provides a simple solution to prevent the loss of thread pitch timing when electrode wear occurs.

  • Allows the shortest possible electrode length to be exposed from the gripping surface of the holder.
  • Provides the most accurate and repeatable method for the electrode alignment.
  • Protects fragile electrode point detail by gripping on the helical surface of the thread.
  • Improves concentricity.
  • Allows repositioning of an orbital tapping electrode without the loss of thread timing.
  • Improves flushing.
  • Hardened and ground for lasting quality.
  • Laser engraved for easy identification.
  • Black oxide finish provides high corrosion resistance.
  • Great for multiple hole applications and emergency jobs.
  • Increase productivity and profitability.
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