3R-242HP User Kit System 3R

3R-242HP User Kit System 3R
SKU: 3R-242HP

SYSTEM 3R:  3R-242HP System 3R User Kit.  This System 3R kit is an excellent selection for tooling up your new wire edm machine system.  Add a dovetail element, and your ready to go with this System 3R kit on your new machine.  Excellent vices for holding squares, rectangles, and round workpieces.  For more details on System 3R tooling, please contact us.

  • 3R-225 reference stop
  • 3R272HP leveling adapter, HP
  • 3R292.3 SuperVice <100mm
  • 3R293.3 SuperVice 8 - 90 mm
  • 3R294.3 Vice <100mm
  • 3R914.07 Torque Wrench, 7Nm
  • 3R333.03 Allen key, 3mm
  • 3R333.0 Allen key, 5mm
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