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Bedra's Gamma Phase EDM Wires

Bedra's gamma phase wires are manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and tolerances.  Their edm wire products are consistent in performance, and cutting characteristics.  So if dependability is what you are looking for in your wire cut edm applications, consider the source!  Bedra gamma phase wires are available in a variety of spool sizes and diameters;

Torrid Guides 239.183 in Stock - Buy Now and Save!

Our product mix of replacement wear parts for AGIE wire edm machines, includes the 239.183 torrid wire guide.  Exceptional pricing on this product, and it's in our inventory, which means prompt delivery to you on your requirements!

Buy Now! Carbide Power Feeds for Makino Series Wire EDM's

We inventory large varieties of Carbide Power Feeds for use on Makino series wire edm machines.  We stock carbides for the older series machines, as well as the newest generation of Makino wire edm machines, such as the Z248-W0200-300 upper power feed, and the

K1-C Hole-Popper Filters - In Stock - Buy Now!

We do inventory "sponge filter sets" for K1-C hole-poppers.  The sets include 5 sponge filters, 4-pieces with a bore, and 1-piece without a bore.  Again this product is in our inventory, available for prompt shipment!  Buy now.....

Buy Now! 432.969 Lower Injection Chambers

When your requirements demand prompt delivery on lower injection chambers for Charmille wire edm machines, consider us as the best source. For example, we do inventory the 432.969 lower injection chamber, which means very competitive prices, and absolutely quick shipments!

449019 and 449329 Wire Drive Rollers in Stock - Buy Now

We inventory large quantities of "European made" wire drive rollers for use on Charmille machines, including the smooth 449.019 roller, and the 449.329 4-grooved rollers.  These are available to ship quickly to satisfy y

Diamond Guides for Mitsubishi AF2/AF3 Now in Stock - Buy Now!

Our wide variety of replacement wear and spare parts for Mitsubishi wire edm machines (AF2/AF3) includes the following sizes:  .010" upper and lower; .012" upper and

A2908110Y770 Ceramic Lower Guide Block for Fanuc WEDM's - Buy Now!

When you need a ceramic lower guide block for your Fanuc wire edm system, we do stock the A290.8110.Y770 lower guide block.  Save money on the purchase of this item, plus shipping is available on this item quickly!  Opps, as a reminder when you call your purchase in on this item, freight charges

.010" Diamond Guides for Accutex WEDM's - Buy Now & Save!

Buy now and Save!  We do inventory .010" upper and lower diamond guides for Accutex series AU300-i and AU860-i wire edm machine systems.  Excellent quality, super prices, and fast shipment on this product are now available!  Click on above link to see more details!

Buy Now! .012" Diamond Guides for Makino WEDM's

Save money, buy now!  We offer you .010" or .012" diamond guides for Makino SP-43 and SP64 wire edm machine systems.  Reference the OEM number 20EC.080.A408 for the .012" diamond guides.  To see more, click on the link above.

.012" 35-lb Economy Hard Brass EDM Wire

We are overstocked on .012" 35-lb spools of our MaxCut Type 900 hard brass edm wire.  We are offering special pricing on small quantity orders, as seen on our website, and if you purchase in large quantities, we suggest you contact us for our large quantity pricing

H34 1490/14 Long Life WEDM Filters for Fanuc Machines

Mann + Hummel's H34 1490/14 1-2 micron wire edm filter offers excellent filtration life; reports from our clients state up to 350 to 400 hours of service life.  Filtration properties are very good, to keep your machine up and going.  This product is stocked by us, and readily available for sh

How to Cut Your Parts Faster

If you have the "mindset" to get your work pieces on your wire edm machine system, cut them, and get the parts off faster, then we have the answer for you!

Buy Now! In Stock - X182B957H01 Upper Water Nozzle Holder

Buy now!  Our large inventory includes the X182.B957.HO1 Upper Water Nozzle Holder, suitable for use on Mitsubishi FX-1 series machines.  Excellent quality on this product, very nice pricing, and again, it's in our inventory, available to ship immediately!  Click on the link above for more details, inclu

S641 Upper Die Head for FX1 Series in Stock - Buy Now!

We do inventory this product, the X182.B893.HO1  S-641 Upper Die Head, for use on Mitsubishi series FX-1, FX10, and FX10-K machines.  Outstanding quality, excellent pricing on this item, and quick shipment to fulfill your requirements. Click on the link above for more details, including pricing.