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Buy Now! M1535/UM Wire Chopper Motor

We have 1000's of replacement wear and spare parts in our inventory for the most popular wire edm machine systems, including Mitsubishi machines.  That's why we stock the M1535/UM Wire chopper motor for use on the newest models of Mitsubishi machines (FX, FA, RA, QA, and other models).  Excellent quality an

M1535 Wire Cutter Processor for Mitsubishi WEDM's - Buy Now!

Yes, its true.  We do inventory the M-1535 wire cutter processor for Mitsubishi wire edm machines.  This includes models FX, FA, RA, QA, and other models.  Our quality on this product is excellent, and our pricing on this item is the best on the internet!  So when your requirements demand prompt delivery, an

EDM Replacement Wear and Spare Parts - Buy Now!

We literally have 1000's of replacement wear and spare parts for wire edm machines in our inventory.  Our vast array of wear parts are for use in all popular wire edm series machines, including Fanuc, Mitsubishi, AGIE, Charmille, Sodick, Makino, and ONA.  So when your requirements come up quickly, and great quality, competitive prices, and prompt delivery become important to you, consider us as your source!  Many thanks and hit 'em straight!

H34 2240/20 Mann + Hummel Filters for AGIECut Series Machines

We maintain a large inventory of wire edm filters, which includes Mann + Hummel's H34 2240/20 filters used in AGIECut series machines (20-P, Cut 200, and Cut 400 machines).  Our prices are very attractive, and same day shipping on this product is the norm.  When quality, pricing and

Upper & Lower Flush Nozzles for AG600-L Wire EDM Machines

Buy now!  We now have in our inventory 6mm lower flush nozzles and 6mm upper flush nozzles for the new generation of Sodick wire machine, the model AG600-L series.  Excellent quality, prompt delivery,

Buy Now! Carbide Power Feeds for AG600-L Machines

Our inventory now includes "carbide power feeds" suitable for use on Sodick AG600-L wire edm machines.  This is according to the OEM part number 311.0330.  Excellent quality, prompt delivery, and very attrative pricing on this item.  This product is in our

Hard Brass EDM Wires

Advanced CNC Technologies offers a full range of hard brass edm wire products, starting at .004" in diameter, up to .012" diameters.

Our spool sizes vary from 8.8-lb spools up to 44-lb spools.  Our inventory includes the correct spools sizes for all machines, including Makino's, Sodick's, Mitsubshi's, AGIE, Charmille, and Fanuc machines just to name a few.

Wire EDM Consumables - The Best Service!

Advanced CNC Technologies, Inc. offers the best service on "wire edm consumables" in the USA.

So when your requirements demand excellent quality, dependable delivery on wear parts, and very competitive pricing, consider Advanced CNC Technologies as the source to go to on your edm supply needs!

We stock a full range of "replacement wear and spare parts" for all popular wire edm machines, including diamond guides, ceramic components, flush nozzles, bearings, capstan and pinch rollers, and many other wire edm components!

Wire Choppers Processors for use on Mitsubishi WEDM's - Buy Now!

For those of you that use Mitsubishi wire edm machines, we inventory two styles of wire chopper processors.

The first one is according to Mitsubishi's OEM number M-1535; typically this is used on the newer generation of their machines (FX, FA, RA, QA, FA, etc).

130003263 Sleeved Hexagon Wafer for Charmilles - Buy Now!

We stock hundreds of parts for Charmille wire edm machines, including the 130003263 hexagon wafer that many of you use.  This item is in our inventory, ready for immediate shipment!

Buy Now! Diamond Guides for Fanuc WEDM's

Our inventory includes diamond guides for use on most generation of Fanuc wire edm machines.  Our in-stock sizes range from .006" up to .012" diameter sizes.  Upper and lower diamond guides our in our inventory.  We stock large quantities of the .008", .010", and .012" diamond guides.  These are available to ship quickly to your location

Simple Solution to Tooling Up Your Wire EDM Machine

If you have a new or used wire edm machine, and have found out it's about time to add tooling for your system, then an easy and affordable solution might be System 3R's 3P Three Point Mounting Set.

Buy Now! .010" 35-lb Bedra's Cobra Cut A Wire

As one of the few "authorized dealers of Bedra edm wires" in the U.S.A., we want you to know that our large inventory of their wires includes the popular Cobra Cut A series of zinc coated wires.

Set of Lower Ceramic Block & Roller - Buy Now!

Our large inventory of replacement wear and spare parts for Fanuc wire edm machines, includes the A290.8110.Y770 ceramic lower block, and the A290.8101.X765 ceramic lower roller suitable for selected Fanuc wire ed

Buy Now! Copper and Brass Electrode Tubing for Hole-Poppers

Our inventory includes a wide range of copper and brass tubing in sizes that range from .1mm up to 6.0mm diameters, and in lengths from 8" up to 16" long.  Exceptional prices, great availability, and same day shipping in most cases is what we can offer you!  An example would be