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Fanuc Replacment Wear and Spare Parts for Wire EDM Machines

We inventory a large variety of replacement wear and spare parts for Fanuc wire edm machine systems, including the older models, and the new generation of machines.

This includes electrode pins, ceramic guides, V-packing, pipe heads, and many other wear parts for the Fanuc machines.

When your requirements demand prompt service, excellent quality and competitive prices, consider us as the best source in the U.S.A. for replacement parts for Fanuc wire edm machines!

942008 Ground Cables for Charmille WEDM's - Buy Now!

Our inventory of replacement wear and spare parts for Charmile edm machines is pretty large, possibly a couple of hundred different wear parts, including diamond guides, injection chambers, belts and more!

4mm Ceramic Lower Nozzles for use on Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machines

Our inventory of replacement wear and spare parts for Mitsubishi wire edm machines is pretty large and varied.

Nozzle Guards for Makino Wire EDM's - Buy now!

We do inventory many replacement wear and spare parts for Makino series wire edm machines.

That includes the 18EC-130-B401 Nozzle Guards (upper/lower).  This product is made of hardened stainless steel.  Click on the link above for pricing and more details.

NSK Grease for Fanuc Wire EDM's - Buy Now!

For those users out there of Fanuc wire edm machine systems, we want you to know that we do stock the NSK grease typically used on those machines.

This would be in accordance to the OEM part number A98L00010465#2 NSK Grease.  Click on this link for pricing and more details.

Mega Cut D Speed Wire from Bedra

Since 1985 we have been pleased as punch to represent Bedra (German made wire) as a master distributor of their products in the U.S.A.

Over that time span, we've offered a "speed wire" for cutting exotic materials (stainless, titanium, etc) and tall workpieces.

Carbide Power Feeds for Accutex WEDM's - In Stock, Buy Now!

Our vast inventory of replacement wire edm wear and spare parts, includes carbide power feeds for Accutex wire edm machines.  Click on the link for more details.

System 3R 3R-321.46 Mini Blocks

Since 1985, we have maintained an excellent relationship with System 3R as an authorized dealer of those products.

.070" Dia x 6" Tungsten Carbide Tubing - Special Pricing - Buy Now!

Everybody has their "boat anchors", and this is an item that was ordered incorrectly.  Hence a boat anchor!

So if you're interested in a really good price on (up to 75 pieces) of .070" Diameter x 6" length Tungsten carbide tubing, we have these in our inventory.  Click on link above for pricing and details.

Freight paid on purchase of 75 pieces.  Show now, buy now!  Anchors away!

3081037 Mist Covers for Sodick WEDM's - Buy Now!

This is a simple item, but we do stock the 308.1037 Mist Covers for Sodick machines.  Very good pricing, and prompt shipment on this item.

Click on the link above for more information.

3052979 Gum Roller for Sodick Wire EDM Machines - In Stock, Buy Now!

For the Sodick users out there, we want you to know that we do stock the gum rollers for most models of machines.

Reference OEM part number 305.2979 Gum Roller.  Click on this link for picture and price.

Can ship immediately!

Upper Die Blocks for FA Series Mitsubishi Machines

If you are in need of an upper die block for your Mitsubishi Wire EDM machine, specically models FA10, FA20 and FA30V series machines, we have that item in our stock.

Rust Inhibitors for Your WEDM System - Great Product - Buy Now!

Ebbco offers an acceptional product, called "Clear Magic Rust Inhibitor" for use in the work tank of wire edm machines.  Useage solution is:  100:1

HR930-Q5 5-micron Ebbco Hurricane Style Filters - Buy now!

Since 1985, we have served the edm industry with the finest edm consumables available on the market!

That includes Ebbco filters used for multiple purposes, including filters for the Hurricane vessels.

.008" Upper & Lower Diamond Guides for Fanuc's - In Stock - Buy Now!

We do stock a variety of diameters of diamond guides for Fanuc Alpha series machines, including the A290.8092.X705  .008" upper diamond guide.  Click on this link for more details.