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Rave Reviews on Wire EDM Machine Cleaner

Since early July, we've sold the new MaxCut Wire EDM Machine cleaner to about 100 customers. The feed-back on this amazing product has been nothing short of excellent.
We're proud to announce that customer's have even taken the time to call us back to let us know how quick, and effective this new product has helped them clean up the worktank on their machines, including their rails, dovetails, and other holding devices for their workpieces.


How to wire cut steep tapers on your workpieces.

If your applications demand a wire that is suitable for high-taper cutting (up to 45 degrees), then Gisco/Bedra has the solution for you.
Gisco's Berco Cut Type 390 soft brass wire is widely used on a variety of makes/model of wirecut series machines. It's very suitable for cutting tapers up to 45 degrees.

How to wire cut tall workpieces on your wire edm machine.

Generally speaking, we offer the Gisco/Bedra products for cutting fast on tall workpieces; and there are a couple of wires to select from depending upon what your cutting, and the model machine that you are using.

How to clean a Wire EDM Machine Worktank

We are frequently asked how is the best way to clean the worktank of a wire edm machine system.
Our answer is generally, pretty simple. There are several cleaners in the marketplace suitable to perform this task, fast and easy. The products that we're familiar with, normally come in a liquid form, and the product is usually sprayed on the areas of the work tank that are dirty, or have a build-up of residue or other nasty little particles.

Topas S Wire

Gisco's recent introduction of the Topas S and Topas H gamma phase wires, is off and running. Several case studies have recently been conducted with selected clients around the northeast, and southwest with glowing results.
For example, recent tests on 1.50" thick stainless 17/4ph materials have resulted in increased cutting speeds of approximately 40%. This particular test was conducted vs Gisco's Bronco Cut X stratified wire product, on a Charmille 330-F wire edm machine system.