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1" Diameter x 8" long Copper Tungsten Rods

We do inventory 1" Diameter x 8" Copper Tungsten Rods.  This material is very suitable for a wide variety of edm applications, including electrode material.  When used in edm applications, you will find that the copper tungsten material holds the shape and edge extremely well

DEG9400 Jet Nozzle

There seem to be alot of Mitsubishi model MV-1200 wire machine users in the market now.

Because of that, we are always bringing in new products to accommodate the needs of those users.

How to Improve the Filter Life on your Wire EDM Machine made Easy!

Why do coolant tanks on wire edm machines require regular preventative maintenance? 

When you fail to provide that maintenance, you will start to see slime on the coolant tank walls, plus possibly an algae and bacteria problem. 

When that occurs, what problems does that cause?

1.0mm TS Ceramic Guide Set - Buy Now!

Alot of our clients operate Sodick K1-C hole-poppers.  Because of that, we suppose them by stocking ceramic TS guide sets for those machines.

3R-292.6HP Supervice Magnum from System 3R

We've been very fortunate to be aligned as an authorize dealer of System 3R products (made in Sweden) since 1985.

3R has an excellent reputation for providing the edm industry with excellent tooling for wire edm machines, ram type diesinker machines, machining centers, milling machines, lathes and many other types of metal working machine tools.

HR930-Q20 20-micron Ebbco Hurricane Polyester Filters

As an authorized distributor of Ebbco filtration products, we want you to know that we are available for your requirements.

20EC080A702 Insulation Bushing for Makino WEDM's Buy Now

We stock 1000's of replacement wear parts for the popular models of wire edm machines available in the U.S. market.

M1613 Wire Processor Housing

For those of you that operate Mitsubishi wire edm machines, and you're faced with maintaining your wire chopper, we want you to know that we inventory and sale a variety of parts for wire choppers.

Ozone Generator for Increased Filter Life

We do offer an Ozone Generator for use on wire machines.  This item reduces slim and crud in your coolant tanks, and by doing this directly effects the improvement of you filter life.  Some customer's have told us they realized up to a 40% increase in filter life by using this ozone generator.  The easy to set-up system in plugged in to 110-volt outlet; includes a stand and a plastic t-device that allows you to set up two wire edm machines.  It helps maintain a clean coolant tank, which again relates to better filter life.  Contact us if you need more details.

DEG3600 .012" Lower Diamond Guide for MV1200 Series Machines.

We do offer the DEG3600 .012" lower diamond guide.  This guide is suitable for use on Mitsubishi MV-1200 and MD Pro III series machines.

We provide excellent quality, competitive prices, and prompt shipment on this item.  Click on the link above for more details!

DEG2800 .012" Upper Diamond Guides for MV-1200 Series Machines.

In this times of trying to beat the clock, if prompt delivery is important to you on your replacement wear part requirements, consider us as the best source!

For instance the DEG2800 .012" Upper Diamond Guide for MV-1200 and MD Pro III series machines.

DEG3200 Lower Diamond Guides for MV-1200 Series Machines

Our wide range of replacement wear and spare parts for all wire machines, includes the DEG3200 .010" lower diamond guides.  These guides are used on the MV-1200 and MD Pro III series machines.

DEG2500 .010" Diamond Guides for MV-1200 WEDM System

We do stock the DEG2500 .010" upper diamond guide for MV-1200 series wire edm machines.  Quality is excellent, price is attractive, and shipment is typically the same day.  For more details click on the link above.

.010" Lower Diamond Guides DEG-3200 for Use on MV-1200 Series machines

Our complete inventory includes the .010" lower diamond guides suitable for use on MV-1200 and MD Pro III series wire edm machines.  When prompt shipment and attractive prices are important to you, consider us as the best source in the USA.  Click on the link above for more details

.010" Upper Diamond Guides DEG-2500 for MV-1200 Wire EDM Machines

Our wide array of replacement wear and spare parts include .010" upper diamond guides, suitable for use on Mitsubish MV-1200 and MD Pro III series machines.